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    Hi! My name is Alexander. I am an expert SEO and online advertising consultant. My motivation is to help companies get more customers from web search engines. If you’re struggling with getting visitors from the internet – or with converting them – I can help you. I’ve ranked many pages for the customers all around the world. I can help you too. Why would you choose me to help you? After all, there are many specialists and SEO agencies in Nanaimo – how would you know who to go to? My answer is: you need a company that won’t just charge you for services, but bring you benefit for every dollar spent. A consultant may demonstrate a lot of action while working with your site, fill you in with many difficult terms and show you hard-to-comprehend charts. This is all great, but why isn’t your site on the front page of Google yet? Here are a couple of things that a good SEO specialist would do for you. I give you this information because I care. I care about the health and growth of your business. Use this information whether you work with me or somebody else. Most importantly, you have to know who is searching for your products or services, and which keywords they use to find you. This user and keyword research is essential and defines the success of your further SEO campaign to a great degree. This is fundamentals of a successful online campaign. The trouble is: all your competitors are doing the same. This is where I believe my services would really help you. My target is finding hidden, low-volume but high-value keyword searches that, if used correctly, would bring your business a surge of new clients. These untargeted keywords haven't been touched by your competitors, and this is where your gold mine could be.   Taking these keywords into consideration, it's important to research: how are you positioning for them in Google? Does Google even see you when someone searches with those gold mine keywords? Could you be at the very top of the first page? (You could, and we've done this successfully for many clients already. ) What on-page SEO could help optimise your website? What link-building strategies could raise your domain's authority and thus make your website more discoverable for you clients? It has to be said, at this, that we never use spammy "bought" links - those tricks don't work in 2015! We use only our own reliable and authoritative network of websites for link building. The next crucial point is your content. Is it unique? Are your keywords and key phrases in it? Is it well-optimized? Overly optimized? In 2015 Google can punish you for keywords over-saturation.How do you know when it's too much? These are all very important questions to ask when you analyse your content in order to improve your positions in Google. Finally, do you have a strategy for your SEO and online advertising campaign? SEO is not an overnight kind of thing. It's a long-term project requiring many steps in order to improve your rankings and get you more clients from the internet. You need good strategic planning and this is where we excel! We will analyse your current situation, make a plan for future development and lead you all the way to the best position you can have. See you on the first page of Google!

    Testimonials And Results:

    "Alexander is an exceptional SEO specialist! I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who would like to see their website ranking high on Google. He got my website to the front page from the depths of Google in about 1.5 months! Now I have constant inflow of clients and my business has experienced an increase in both traffic and services sold. Alexander really knows what he is doing, he is passionate and enthusiastic about helping you, and he EXPLAINS you everything that he does, providing regular reports and insights in your website's well-being. I am very happy with our collaboration and will be asking Alexander to help with my other projects."

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