• Testimonials


    “Alexander is an exceptional SEO specialist! I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who would like to see their website ranking high on Google. He got my website to the front page from the depths of Google in about 1.5 months! Now I have constant inflow of clients and my business has experienced an increase in both traffic and services sold. Alexander really knows what he is doing, he is passionate and enthusiastic about helping you, and he EXPLAINS you everything that he does, providing regular reports and insights in your website’s well-being. I am very happy with our collaboration and will be asking Alexander to help with my other projects.”

    Karina Mikinyan Kudryavtseva

    “I came upon his advertising in a social network mostly by accident. It said: promoting websites for veterinary clinics for $5 or something like that. I thought it sounds too good to be true, but filled in a request form anyway. I got an email response from Alexander Laskavnev, with specific suggestions and offers regarding our website’s positions in Google search. I started having a better feeling about it: I felt Alexander knew what he was talking about. Alexander asked for the admin access to my website and started editing my website’s headings, titles and text. Literally 4 or 5 days later our website started showing up higher in Google and then in Yandex. I am very happy with Alexander’s work. Before we couldn’t even find our website on Google, and now it’s on the first page of both Google and Yandex. Alexander Laskavnev helped me promote my website with the most relevant search words. Working with him was simple and convenient. I appreciate Alexander very much and if I ever need any other work on the website, I will definitely hire Alexander again as a specialist that proved he is worth his money.”

    Phillip Gorelikov, feovet.com